6 E.D.S. Systems
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 On site visit  to go over installation of the Reflect-O-Ray 6" E.D.S.System,
 with qualified HVAC Installation Contractor


 Hanging the Reflect-O-Ray 6.0 EDS System above the crane and also on the sides of the crane, is a very effective way
 to heat this Nebraska manufacturing plant.


We have just completed balancing a complete installation of four 6" systems, that will produce 2.88 million BTU's. The 6.0 EDS Reflect-O-Ray systems will heat this 30,000 sq. ft. building to a comfortable level.  It will also save the customer, by way of less fuel consumption.  The EDS 6" System, is one of the largest infrared heating system in the world, with over 25 years of constant performance & reliability.


Reflect-O-Ray 6" EDS System, hung on sides and above over crane.
Omega II U-Tube System is hung over  the overhead door.


 This Reflect-O-Ray 6" E.D.S. system heats this Iowa manufacturing facility to their desired temperature.
  The infrared heating systems will consume less energy than conventional heaters by 30 - 50 %.  


 Reflect-O-Ray 6" EDS System is hung at an angle below the crane.



Reflect-O-Ray 6