4.0 E.D.S. Systems
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Reflect-O-Ray EDS 4 
Engineered Designed Systems - Vacuum Vented Radiant Heating Systems.   The Reflect-O-Ray 4.0" System has been proven to be a well designed vacuum radiant heating system.  It's performance and design versatility has made it a valuable asset to the Reflect-O-Ray line up.  We are proud representatives for this system and other systems that have been developed in the past. The powder coated burner & exhauster assemblies will withstand some of the harshest conditions around.  Our radiant tubing is constructed entirely of corrosion resistant aluminized steel.  All of  Combustion Research Systems carry a three year warranty on components and 10 year warranty on our tubing. 

Reflect-O-Ray 4


This 4.0" Vacuum System has 2-Burners & 1-Exhauster,
 which will soon heat this Nebraska warehouse
 to the customers desired temperature.


Heating with a Reflect-O-Ray infrared heating system, will save you 30-50% energy savings over unit heaters.

When finished, this 4.0" Reflect-O-Ray heating system,
will heat this warehouse to a comfortable level from the floor up.


This  4.0" EDS Reflect-O-Ray heating system, heats this Nebraska bus barn
 to the desired temperature and dries  floors as it operates.


This 4.0" Reflect-O-Ray heating system uses a well built powder coated exhauster, shown here at the end of this system.