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Heat that has been generated in the infrared range, like the sun's rays or INFRARED TUBE HEATERS, can be the most comfortable type of heat, by most standards.  This is most noticeable in the middle of winter, out of the wind, the sun shining on and around you.  It's cold outside, but because of the sun's infrared rays you can feel the warmth.  This is the principle that infrared radiant heating systems work on.  One difference is that, we do this in a controlled environment.  Along with a good insulated building structure, we create a comfortable environment by heating all of the objects as well as the concrete being the largest heat mass, that can be controlled to your comfort level and satisfaction.  The energy savings can be enormous.

What would our beaches be like without radiant heat?


Infra-red radiant heating systems are hung from the ceiling and require no floor space.

Call one of our radiant heating systems experts, and get your radiant heater, sized, quoted, and delivered to your job site.